$100 Film Festival Reviews by Tim Zak

Four brief reviews for four films appearing in the 2012 $100 Film Festival (March 8th-10th) by Tim Zak, CSIF memeber & filmmaker:

What is this by Stefan Mockel

A brief comparison of non-art and art images to evoke the viewer to question what is art and what is not.

Derby Jam by Allan Brown

A graphic exploration of cars crashing into each other. Live action with scratch animation visuals and cool Jazz track. Making this a wonderful almost a dance. Stunning.

A life’s work by Adam R. Levins

A documentation of a man’s life after retirement. The quietness of his life is reflected in the rural setting. The slow pace of the film shows us all that life is long. The sole character finds value in life though his creations. Reflections on past events, the order of his present life. and the acceptance of his own morality. The filmmaker captivated this person’s life and work.

Let me try to explain by John Cannizzaro

A film all filmmaker can identify with. The use of voice over live action of a low budget film being shoot is an effective technique in showing the audience what independent filmmaking about. The filmmaker right on the mark with this film.

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